I was a contributing multimedia journalist for WUFT News in Gainesville, Florida, from January-April 2020. 

Afterwards, I became a photojournalist for Fresh Take Florida, an affiliate news organization in May. 

Here are some links to stories I wrote and photos I produced for stories. 

Meet The Elderly Republican Voter Whose Ballots Florida Rejected More Than Anyone’s

Edward Palkovic, 76, who lives just south of Orlando, has diligently voted by mail as a registered Republican in 16 municipal, state and federal elections in Florida over the past decade. But 10 times, his votes didn’t count.

Photo by Emily Felts

Story by Meleah Lyden and Alex DeLuca

Ballot Measure To Limit Voting To ‘Only A Citizen’ Would Have No Real Effect In Florida

A group is pushing to change the constitutions in Florida, Alabama and Colorado in next week’s elections to require that “only a citizen” can vote. The group says it’s a hedge against future political campaigns that might one day allow votes by non-citizens – even though that’s already prohibited by law in Florida.

Photos by Emily Felts

Story by Nomfumo Manaba

Florida Town Battered By Fires, Floods Faces Its Greatest Crisis: Money

The no-stoplight, Panhandle town of Caryville has been flooded and burned in its 103-year history but now may be facing its greatest threat: financial ruin.

Bookkeeping is so incomplete that a devastating new state audit couldn’t determine exactly how bad the town’s economic situation is. “There is an increased risk that the town’s financial condition continues to deteriorate,” the audit said.

Story by Alex DeLuca

Photos by Emily Felts

Last Chance: Florida Considers Clemency Pleas By Felons For Last Time Ahead Of Election

TALLAHASSEE – Vickie Devine stabbed her ex-husband in the hand in 1991. They married when she was just 15 years old, thinking it was the right decision after she became pregnant. Four years later, a domestic dispute turned violent and landed the young mother and wife in jail.

Photos by Emily Felts

Story by Danelle Ivanov 

Florida Changing Rules To Allow Philosophy Majors To Teach Social Sciences In Public Schools

Florida is changing its state rules to allow philosophy majors – for decades the targets of ruthless jokes about the usefulness of their college degrees – to teach social sciences in public schools.

Photography by Emily Felts 

Story by Hannah Phillips

Florida Moves Ahead With More Electric-Vehicle Plans: Will Investment Pass By Poor, Minority Communities?

MIAMI – Florida is moving ahead with plans to dramatically expand its network of electric vehicle charging stations along major interstates and highways.

State spending is driving the expansion — even during the pandemic — thanks in part to tens of millions of dollars in criminal and civil penalties from automaker Volkswagen caught cheating on environmental tests.

Writer: Marlowe Starling, photographer: Emily Felts

For Poor In America, Sanitary Sewage Disposal Can Be A Challenge

Two new environmental laws in Florida signed this week include efforts to improve septic systems and increased fines for sewer overflows and other related violations. But for low-income communities across the country, sanitary sewage disposal isn’t always accessible and can be costly.

Writer: Marlowe Starling, photography: Emily Felts

DeSantis Signs Sweeping New Environmental Law For Cleaner Water

MIAMI – Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law Tuesday a proposal expected to improve water quality across the state.

-Story by Marlowe Starling, photography by Emily Felts

New Florida Law To Bring More Electric Charging Stations To State Highways

MIAMI — One of Florida’s newest laws lays the groundwork for building a vast network of electric vehicle charging stations along highways, part of a broader effort to improve the appeal of such environmentally cleaner cars and trucks.

-Story by Marlowe Starling, photography by Emily Felts. 

College Students Are Left Wondering ‘What If?’ As Summer Internships Are Canceled

When Courtney Kleino received a summer internship with Urban Outfitters in December, she was ecstatic. A 20-year-old sophomore finance major at the University of Florida, she had planned to move to Philadelphia on May 28 to start days later at her favorite fashion company.

Gainesville Business, Residents React To Closing Of All Dine-In Options In Florida

Some Gainesville food and beverage spots are getting creative with their sales in the wake of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ executive order to close all restaurants and other food and beverage establishments statewide because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Gainesville Driverless Shuttle Suspended After Woman Hurt On One in Ohio

For the past three weeks, the EasyMile shuttle bus had inched out of the downtown Gainesville parking garage on Southwest Second Street and chimed its way onto Southwest Second Avenue.

Alachua County Committee Hosts Discussion About Local Water Concerns

They expressed concern about the Floridan aquifer, natural springs, the Santa Fe River and the potential damaging effects that low water-levels could have on Alachua County.

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