EXCLUSIVE: UF President Kent Fuchs sees university on top as students hit rock bottom

Faced with a pandemic that has killed about 200,000 in the U.S., plus nationwide protests against racial injustice, 2020 has forced UF President Kent Fuchs to figure out a way to move the university forward in a time where restrictions — and tensions — are high. 

“I felt sorry for myself,” Fuchs said. “Why didn’t this happen to some previous president or some future president? Why’d it have to happen now because things were going so well?”Regardless of the answer, it’s a problem UF will have to solve as it fights COVID-19 on campus and in the community throughout the Fall semester — and maybe longer. 

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 Video by Emily Felts 

 Photography by Emily Felts, Samantha Harrison and Chasity Maynard

COVID-19 greatly impacted St. Augustine, FL, a city relying heavily on tourism. However, even in the midst of this pandemic, locals, businesses and city commissioners remain hopeful.  

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