I've been passionate about photography since I was 15 and took my first photojournalism class. I love the way a photo can tell a story, leave an impact and stop time. To me, it's moving. 

After seven years in the field, I've become experienced in multiple kinds of photography. Photojournalism, concerts, sports, music festivals, headshots, weddings, graduations and engagements.

I love how diverse my portfolio is because it explains why I love this line of career. It's always adapting, changing and growing. There are so many different directions I can go with it. Ultimately, I want to do it all.

10 Facts About Me

1. I'm from Jacksonville, Florida 

2. I want to hike the Appalachian Trail. 

3. I used to be a swimmer and now I love to weight lift

4. My favorite colors are yellow, blue and light purple 

5. I want to backpack through Europe.

6. I used to play guitar, violin and piano. I hope to one day pick them back up.

7. Growing up, I wanted to be a singer.

8. At some point in my life I hope to work on a project with National Geographic. 

9. I really want to go sky diving 

10. I absolutely love Sushi. 


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